Former Clemson star Brevin Galloway details the positive impact of NIL, talks mental health

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3 min readJul 29, 2023

Brevin Galloway isn’t just another college athlete who benefitted from NIL. Galloway’s story deals with personal trauma, disappointment, mental health struggles, and perseverance.

The NIL Deal first spoke with Galloway back in February. That exclusive interview came after the Clemson star suffered an unfortunate injury that resulted in a viral video. The hilarious video from Galloway led to numerous NIL opportunities, including deals with underwear company Shinesty.

At the time of our first interview, Galloway was inundated with interview requests and sponsorships. When speaking to The NIL Deal, Galloway opened up about the whirlwind series of events and how far he’d come as an athlete and person. Galloway detailed his mental health struggles, as well as the disappointments in a basketball career that saw him play at three different schools.

With Galloway now done playing college basketball, we wanted to reach back out to see how the former Clemson Tiger is doing. For one, Galloway got married since our last conversation. Recently, the hooper also announced that he signed a deal to play professional basketball in the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) for BC Nevėžis.

Galloway mentioned that he received offers from several teams in several different leagues after the 2023 NBA Draft.

“Lithuania was the best option for me,” explained Galloway. “I’ll have the opportunity to play point guard, which I’ll be doing for the first time in my career. I’ll really be able to reinvent myself as a basketball player.”

The way Galloway has been treated off of the court by BC Nevėžis was also a key factor in his decision to sign.

“They’re taking care of me, my wife, and my two pups. They’re paying for our travel and making sure we have an apartment, making sure we have a car,” said Galloway. “Rookies usually can’t get their own place, so this was a great deal for us.”

The Galloway family will be heading to Lithuania at the beginning of August. Galloway is already excited about the prospects of living in Europe and helping his team qualify for the FIBA Europe Cup. While things are looking up for Galloway, nothing has come easy.

“It’s kinda been crazy. The day I signed my contract was very emotional for me,” Galloway explained. “What I had been through in…



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