MLB Betting: How I bet on baseball in 2022.

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3 min readMay 23, 2022

Baseball was my first love. I know much of the writings on this page involve football, but baseball is and always will be my favorite sport. Thus, it is also my favorite sport to bet on. Typically when you think “sports betting”, you think of football and basketball. For whatever reason, baseball doesn’t get talked about as much as other sports regarding betting. Well, if you’re ignoring baseball betting, you could be doing yourself a great disservice. Baseball has 30 teams who each ply 162 games, so there are ample opportunities to exploit throughout the season. Not to say the house ignores baseball, per se, but with MLB games, there are so many going on each day that the lines don’t get manipulated as much as other sports. Moneylines in baseball are almost always at 1.5, which means you can definitely exploit matchups if you know what to look for. ​

Without further ado, here are my tips for ​baseball betting in 2022:

3. Alternate run lines for days!

If you’ve read my writing about football betting, you know I love ​alternate spreads. In baseball, I believe alternate spreads are even MORE useful. This is due to simple math- the vast majority of baseball games are going to end with the winner and loser only a few runs apart. In football, it’s not uncommon to see a final score with 20+ points separating the winner and loser. In baseball, the majority of games will be decided by 5 or less runs. Therefore you have more wiggle room to mess with spreads. For example, the Yankees are playing the Orioles in Baltimore. The Yankees are -1.5 as visitors. If that makes you uncomfortable, move it up to Yankees +1.5. There is a very, very high chance that the Yankees either win outright or lose by 1.

2. Player Props are king- but don’t get carried away.

With football betting, I love doing the touchdown scorer parlays. It’s not very hard to correctly pick 3 players to score on any given day. In baseball, this line of thinking doesn’t work- I would strongly recommend never doing home run parlays. The reward is potentially high, but the risk is also high and the odds aren’t good. Stick with pitcher props or batter props- Pitchers to go over 4.5 strikeouts and batters to get 2+ RBI are my personal favorite. You can really find good value here, but this will…

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