NFL: Not-so-super Wild Card Round Thoughts

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3 min readJan 19, 2022

Well, the biggest first round of the NFL playoffs ever is officially in the books.

What a dud.

Only two of the first six games were even watchable. Four blowouts in the first round is not a great look for the expanded playoff supporters.

But it wasn’t all bad! The Bengals are really, really good. And yes, I’m nervous about the Bengals coming to Nashville. They have an explosive offense that could easily put the game out of reach of the Mike Vrabel has his “deer-in-headlights” look again.

Nevertheless, let’s get into some thoughts on these games:

Raiders at Bengals

The bengals won this game, but not as handily as some predicted. The thing is, is that the Raiders always play it close, so expecting a blowout was probably foolish.

The bengals showed why they’ve gotten this far: Joe Burrow is elite and Jamarr Chase is usually the best player on the field. The Raiders just didn’t have enough weapons to keep up in the end.

Patriots at Bills

What a terrible game. I’ve never seen a Belichick defense look so piss-poor.

And I was really hoping for a Pats upset, because Buffalo is not a team you want to play when they’re on. Josh Allen is a stud, and that offense is scary when it’s firing. Also, the defense is pretty scary of late- Micah Hyde had an awesome INT in this game that basically finished the Pats off. Here’s to hoping the Bills lose to the Chiefs!

Eagles at Buccaneers

What do I say about this game other than Tom Brady is the greatest?

Seriously, this was never a game and the final score makes it seem closer than it was. The Eagles run-first approach could not get going against Tampa’s stout defense. Jalen Hurts never had a chance, but eagle fans should be encouraged.

49ers at Cowboys

If this game surprised you, it shouldn’t have. The Cowboys are perpetually the most disappointing team in football compared to expectations. No team with that amount of firepower should struggle to score points.



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