WHO DEY?! Recapping a wild NFL Championship Weekend.

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2 min readJan 31, 2022

What a weekend!

After the Titans crapped the bed, I decided I was going all in on rooting for the Bengals this postseason.

As a lifelong Tennessean, the Bengals are the closest team to me geographically other than the Titans. Even still, I must admit I’ve almost never paid attention to them. And same goes for my entire town- I’ve only met one or two Bengals fans, and that was in Cincinnati at a Reds game. I have a feeling that might change now.

The Bengals are a fun team. Cincinnati is a cool city. Joe Sheisty is awesome. Skyline Chili is phenomenal. I never thought I would be this invested in a team that wasn’t the Titans, but if anybody deserves it, it’s the Bengals. The Bengals, who have been mired in mediocrity for the better part of 30 years, are headed to the Super Bowl.

As for who they’re taking on? That would be the Los Angeles Rams. Matthew Stafford, in his first year at the helm, has seemingly led the Rams to the promised land. We will get into whether the Rams made the right moves long-term in a later piece. None of that matters now- this team was designed to make the Super Bowl this year, and that goal was accomplished.

Let’s not overshadow the 49ers, however. There are no moral victories in football, but the Niners would get one if so. Not even seen as a playoff team until literally Week 17, the Niners did the improbable and won 2 playoff games, setting them up with a chance at another Super Bowl. Keep in mind this was all done with a lame duck QB and several injured contributors. I actually think Jimmy G proved some people wrong- he showed he is a winner, it just won’t be in San Francisco.

As we get closer to the Super Bowl, I will have an in-depth breakdown including prop bets I like for this game.



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